The World of Sensory Processing and Behaviour

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The World of Sensory Processing and Behaviour

How does utilising the right sensory product provide behaviour support?

The Goody Box store originated from a passion for people to understand the connection between sensory processing difficulties and behaviours of concern, or even worse really challenging! A Sensory Trigger that impacts behavior is anything that makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious. You can become aware of these triggers by understanding the cause or function of the behavior. If a person has sensory processing difficulties, you might also notice that they: Get anxious or worried in busy or unpredictable environments like parties or on public transport Find it hard to focus, procrastinate, cant follow instructions Get tired, particularly in busy environments like shopping centers, and just want to go home.

Have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep Have difficulty articulating sounds and words Avoids tasks that involve lots of sensory experiences, like leaving the house, going to play sport, going to school. There are different things that can impact on sensory processing abilities: Fatigue Sickness Stress and worry Hormones Disability Decrease in mental wellbeing Every person’s threshold is different and can be impacted by a person’s level of sensory discomfort. It is important that individuals who are prone to behavior as a result to sensory processing difficulties have the option to try different sensory experiences throughout the day to keep their “sensory cup full” These objects can provide the following stimulation to create a sense of calm and regulation: Motor – repetitive, heavy or high-pressure movements Oral – anything that provides taste or texture orally Respiratory – activities that promote rhythmical breathing Eyes – objects that are bright, colorful, patterned or visually appealing to the eye. 

Here at The Goody Box Store we want to help you to find the right behaviour strategies for those special people in your lives.

“There is no point having the objects if you don’t understand the multiple benefits they can have.” - Justine, owner and senior Behaviour Practitioner

We offer a streamlined consultative service to ensure that each product we send will help create a sense of calm and focus so goals can be achieved. Our qualified team of therapists work alongside our Behaviour Practitioners to the right sensory object is utilised correctly to ensure challenging behaviours decrease.

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