A Gift From Grace

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A Gift From Grace

Grace is a sassy, witty 16-year-old girl with recently highlighted honey blonde hair and a wide generous smile. She loves horses, dogs, fashion, “singer”, and is chatting to a boy online [Shhhhhhh].

Grace is also an entrepreneur and supported by her Mum – Kelly, they have created a thriving candle business online, “Simply Grace”.

Grace had always wanted to run her own business and, together with Kelly, they have made that dream became a reality during the 2021 COVID lockdown. To say it’s a labour of love is an understatement, but the passion and hard work of this mother/daughter duo is supported by friends, family and a community around them. It’s certainly early days but this start-up is going places, and we are super excited and honoured to launch our collaboration with them. Shared dreams and values have bought us together, so the stars are aligned

Did I mention Grace has Cerebral Palsy… but don’t let it define her!

Over the next few months follow our blog series to find out about Grace and her daily struggles but also what she is wholeheartedly contributing back to her community.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a wonderful relationship between “The Goody Box Store” and “Simply Grace” – so watch this space!